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The champion coach has a game timing bordering on perfection. His positioning is impeccable and covers a maximum of useful space. He masters when to hold back his players and when to send them to the assault. Complex chain push sequences have no secrets for him. His team is the leanest meat possible with, sometimes, a modest candy that reflects his playing personality.

Yet, despite all these good qualities worthy of a Champion, he still lacks this little something to sneak in amongst the bests. Call it “instinct”, “creativity”, “connectivity”, or “the touch”. Many coaches stagnate for a very long time at this level and, tragically, many will never crack the Legendary coaching code.

How To Be Lucky

Ex England NAF captain, and uber-competitive munchkin, PeteW is very good at Blood Bowl. There's a saying on FUMBBL, the famous free fantasy football online website: "Don’t play PeteW on a Sunday." This is because PeteW is known to be lucky, and as a noted Christian, it's feared by the otherwise

Tomb Kings / Khemris PLaybook

Tomb Kings push the one-trick poney concept to Blood Bowl’s furthest extreme. Yes, it is true that they are very muscular with up to 41 strength points on the pitch. However, this extreme has its polar opposite because their deficient agility complicates an action as easy as picking up the ball.

Why You Should Practice Gratitude

The devil is in the detail. I can roll nine consecutive pows followed by a lonely skull. What do I remember? The skull. Well, it seems I am not alone. Research shows that, unfortunately, we are all wired to focus on the negative. Obviously, being all stressed up and rancorous will not help us

Surfing the Winds of Luck

I have spent more than a decade of blood bowl observing what makes coaches luckier than others … And from what I saw, there never was a coach who could win four touchdowns to zero, game after game, just by being lucky. As far as pure luck is concerned, a coach has as many chances to dry clean his

Mildly Shocking Legendary Secrets

We all know the drill. I will not mention the game's probabilities, skill choices, positioning, common sense, and all these run-of-the-mill but very important Blood Bowl aspects. Here are some theoretical and philosophical leads to explore in your quest for legendary coaching. 1. The « Rotten to…

Why we amp up our game against a good coach

You probably already have experienced this phenomenon: when you respect your opponent, you naturally amp up your game. But why? In the blood bowl world, almost every coach's development follows a very standard progression. We all start our career by compulsively trying the most foolish plays…

Draws for Dummies

There are three kinds of draws: the good, the bad and the boring. A good draw is when you coached your team out of the jaws of defeat. A bad draw is when a victory slipped from between your claws. A boring draw is when a game leaves you with nothing to write home about. If most of your draws are…

The Importance of Creativity to Blood Bowl

This question comes back regularly among Blood Bowl coaches: "How important is creativity for a good coach? The more games I play, the more the situations feel similar and the more the solutions seem the same to me. Is creativity necessary or does repetition always prevail? " When a coach reaches…