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Playbooks are often requested by coaches. The trouble is that they are long endeavors to write! As you will see, they are very dense and they can take up to 30 minutes to read; a fraction of the huge chunk of time it took to gather ideas and write… And to say, there are 26 Blood Bowl teams to cover!

Consequently, it made sense to adopt a “work in progress” approach rather than to publish texts polished to the bones from the go. This is why these playbooks are deliberately raw patchworks that will be reforged, bonified and divided over time.

Getting Mauled: Black Orcs in BB2020

Hello. I’m the coach behind the infamous, thick-headed Gorn N’hleg. When I offered up to Taureau Amiral the idea of a chronicle written by the head coach of my new Black Orc team, my intention was to run the Bytown Maulers for a year and document what happened. Yes, there would be advice and tactics…

Moving to Blood Bowl Second Season

This guide is for coaches moving from the Blood Bowl 2016 rules to the Blood Bowl Second Season rules. These will be referenced as BB2016 and BB2020 respectively. If you've just picked up Blood Bowl for the first time, this article may be interesting as a historical document. If you're moving from…

Tomb Kings / Khemris PLaybook

Tomb Kings push the one-trick poney concept to Blood Bowl’s furthest extreme. Yes, it is true that they are very muscular with up to 41 strength points on the pitch. However, this extreme has its polar opposite because their deficient agility complicates an action as easy as picking up the ball.