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Von Wurzenheim

Baron Rhouven von Wurzenheim is a renowned coach from the Empire but who has enjoyed great success in Bretonnia. Having returned to his native city, he deigns to share his wisdom at coaching teams recruited from the Imperial Nobility (with a few hangers-on to protect the high-born stars). His wisdom … and his sense of self-importance … demand his exploits be documented. So here is The von Wurzenheim Chronicle to be released on a regular basis over the coming year, humorously documenting his highs and highers.
Transcribed by his faithless scribe, Nate Ball.

I Only Fail at Failure

Good day, everyone. My name is Baron Rhouven von Wurzenheim, and if you’re reading this, chances are you are like us; that is to say, you are cultured, refined, and, of course, debonair. I like that word, Nathan. It’s Bretonnian. I hope you know how to spell it. I’d spell it out for you but then I’d…