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Blood Bowl Odds

All rookies are regularly told to play their turn starting from the safest actions to the riskiest ones. Blood Bowl can be approached by playing only the probabilities and an experienced coach can become relatively good by restricting himself to the safest actions. But in reality, there are usually

Blood Bowl Fouling Odds

At Blood Bowl, fouling is the only action where a coach will attempt an armor roll for the sole and assumed purpose of stunning or depitching a player. Rolling an armor after a successful block is certainly fine, but this dice roll results from an action undertaken with another goal in mind and is…

Blood Bowl Armors & Injuries Odds

If there are a lot of game situations where it is worth looking for a fight, very few are really worth it from a Blood Bowl team’s development point of view. As proof, the armor rolls statistics below detail frightening odds for anyone thinking of going to war. At Blood Bowl, it is often understood…