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A gripping Blood Bowl-inspired webseries (recounted in 44 weekly episodes) from recognized writer of fiction, Ian H. McKinley, and award-winning artist, Meunier, in which elves, orcs, humans, dwarves, rodentiens, and exotherms play football.

Explore Guayamartí, the great city of the Hierarchs and home to the famous Eztadio Sanger, a stadium that has seen the greatest exploits in the history of sport. Follow the fortunes of an owner, a coach, and a player as they navigate the perilous world of “footy”.

Up and Under - First Episode
Up and Under - Webseries

Latest Episodes

34: “Viper-bitten Dark Elves!”

As unappealing as the thought was, Jacyntha realized it was her only chance: striking out for Dark Elf land. She could finally see the shadowed shore off to starboard and now she needed courage. Saying it out loud, even if only to herself alone in her darkened cabin, helped. Mytilan’s navy wasn’t…

33: “She’s gone into hiding.”

The players reacted to his news well-enough, or so Umberto thought at any rate. The Xonyxas glanced at each other and he recognized the same trepidation he had seen in the eyes of his foes many a times just before a fight started. And yet, despite whatever worry they felt, they looked ready … for…

Blood Bowl posts

Blood Bowl articles by Taureau Amiral and guests to improve your coaching skills to a competitive level and help you think like a legendary coach. More than 30 articles exist so far. If you feel lucky, hit that…

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Latest Posts

An Introduction To Tournament Blood Bowl

With the new edition just about to hit the shelves it is a really exciting time for Blood Bowl! After years seemingly lost in the wilderness, Games Workshop have blessed us with two new editions in the last three years, each more bounteous than the last. The new box set is overflowing with new toys…

Luck does not matter

Is there a deeper question than: “What do you desire? What do you itch for?”. While in-game, I often hear coaches say they do not have the faintest idea what they want. So, I always ask the question “What would you like? What would you enjoy?”. Well, it is so amazing! Crowds of coaches answer:…


2.3. Taureau Amiral said: He whose defensive efforts drag into eternity shall see his players fall and his team break under the strain. The coach who seeks solace in defence shall see his team break all the more quickly.