Up and Under

A gripping Blood Bowl-inspired tale from recognized writer of fiction, Ian H. McKinley, and artist, Sébastien Meunier. Visit a world in which sport has replaced warfare and wherein “footy” is so popular entire cultures have changed their practises so that their teams can compete for the Blue Blood Cup.

Season 2 is a kickoff!!

Blood Bowl Strategies

Blood Bowl Art - Ogre vs Kroxigor - By Meunier

Teams victory % under BB2020

With the invaluable help of Gertjan Verhoeven, we’ve updated our stats! There are some surprises as well as things we all expected.

Blocks Series

All About Blocks

The essentials of what you need to know about blocks at Blood Bowl and tips on how to get more. Watch out, this is an in-depth article!

Blocking Statistics

Blood Bowl blocking statistics, including the Brawler, Block and Wrestle skills. Odds of knocking down the target and turnover odds included!


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Editor’s room

Taureau Amiral is not Ian H. McKinley

The Editorial Board was convened to clear up some recent confusion related to who’s who in our media empire.


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Blood Bowl


Ghorn N’hleg

Gorn N’hleg is a renowned and titled Orc coach. Having grown tired of coaching his usual teams, full of show-off Blitzers and prima-donna Throwers, he embarks on a new journey of professional and personal growth: coaching Black Orcs. How could such a journey go unchronicled? So here is The Gorn N’hleg Chronicle to be released on a regular basis over the coming year, humorously documenting his highs and lows.

Transcribed by his goblin scribe, Ian H. McKinley.

Baron Von Wurzenhein

Baron Rhouven von Wurzenheim is a renowned coach from the Empire but who has enjoyed great success in Bretonnia. Having returned to his native city, he deigns to share his wisdom at coaching teams recruited from the Imperial Nobility (with a few hangers-on to protect the high-born stars). His wisdom … and his sense of self-importance … demand his exploits be documented. So here is The von Wurzenheim Chronicle to be released on a regular basis over the coming year, humorously documenting his highs and highers.

Transcribed by his faithless scribe, Nate Ball.


BY Pablo Galván

If you have read his first comic strip book, Botas de Clavos – Number Zero, you know that Pablo is a Blood Bowl fan. He began drawing comic strips when playing in a league. Today, he continues with those strips and publishes them weekly on his social networks.

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