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I’m Cursed With Success

It’s a heavy burden but I bear it. It’s a weight on my shoulders but also a beast that pursues me. It’s an elixir that gives me energy and a codpiece that restrains me. Thus it is to be Gorn N’hleg. You see, I’m no ordinary Orc. I’m literate, for one thing. I mean, I can’t actually scratch parchment with a cockatrice feather dipped in the blood of…
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Taureau Amiral

The Art of Coaching

It is very difficult to write a theory of Blood Bowl. Already, there are very few coaches who have a global and coherent idea of the game. Then, in the heat of the action, even legendary coaches rely more on their flair and creativity than on a logical system. All legendary coaches run their teams in this way and it is this incredible ability to
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Guest Posts

The Gorn N’hleg Chronicle

Gorn N’hleg is a renowned and titled Orc coach. Having grown tired of coaching his usual teams, full of show-off Blitzers and prima-donna Throwers, he embarks on a new journey of professional and personal growth: coaching Black Orcs. How could such a journey go unchronicled? So here is The Gorn N’hleg Chronicle to be released on a regular basis over the coming year, humorously documenting his highs and lows.

Transcribed by his goblin scribe, Ian H. McKinley

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1.2. Taureau Amiral said: Focusing on player skills, coaching aggressively or spending wildly on star players is not enough to win consistently. If your coaching skills are not up to par, then others will overrun you. If you coach unwisely, only you will weaken yourself.

Up and Under View all

A gripping Blood Bowl-inspired tale (recounted in 44 episodes) from recognized writer of fiction, Ian H. McKinley, and artist, Meunier. Visit a world in which sport has replaced warfare and wherein “footy” is so popular entire cultures have changed their practises so that their teams can compete for the Blue Blood Cup.

The season kicks off with a bang. What happens next will leave you longing for the next episode of Up and Under.

Up and Under - First Episode

Latest Episodes

Dive In at Episode 26

All the Story so Far

Welcome to Up and Under, the tale of a rookie team playing its first season of “footy” in the Sommer Sea Football League. You’ve missed a lot and you’ll find it both informative as well as entertaining to go back and read the earlier episodes. But in case you just want to dive right in, look over the who’s who graphic. Once you’ve done that, here’s…
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BY Pablo Galván

If you have read his first comic strip book, Botas de Clavos – Number Zero, you know that Pablo is a Blood Bowl fan. He began drawing comic strips when playing in a league. Today, he continues with those strips and publishes them weekly on his social networks.