Taureau Amiral’s tactics and strategy articles can help you improve your Blood Bowl coaching skills to a competitive level.

Every coach stagnates somewhere in his development. To help you climb over these hills, you will find here the usual tactics articles related to cages and runs, curtains and columns, serial pushes, etc. However, be aware that reading (once more) about those basic tactics will not be enough … Especially if you are cumulating thousand of games played. If you are coaching at this level, you surely already have integrated all these mechanisms and it is now much more a question of raising your awareness.

To progress further, you must first approach Blood Bowl with the correct mindset. In addition to basic articles, this website also tackles philosophical gaming aspects interjected with more in-depth tactical and strategic articles. While it is very, very hard to put words on the meta that legendary coaches successfully leverage, my mission here is to translate for you those (sometimes very) abstract concepts into accessible articles.

May Nuffle bless your dice.






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