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Blood Bowl articles by Taureau Amiral and guests to improve your coaching skills to a competitive level and help you think like a legendary coach. More than 30 articles exist so far. If you feel lucky, hit that…

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Year of the ‘Fling

On September 11th 2019, with more than a little bit of goading from the Two Drunk Flings and Friends crew, I set out on a Blood Bowl challenge; One Year, Only Halflings in all variants of the game. The challenge is set by the Fling Nation group of coaches. Often found bouncing around the lower to…

The Art of Coaching

It is very difficult to write a theory of Blood Bowl. Already, there are very few coaches who have a global and coherent idea of the game. Then, in the heat of the action, even legendary coaches rely more on their flair and creativity than on a logical system. All legendary coaches run their teams


1.3. Taureau Amiral said: While luck often seems to favour one coach over the other, legendary coaches make sure the playing field is tilted in their favour, thus ensuring that their opponent’s first mistake or bad luck will be fatal.

1.4. There are six domains to master in order to stack the deck in your favour.

1. Yourself
2. Your Opponent
3. The Teams
4. The Pitch
5. The Strategies
6. The Tactics

Player Aids

Blood Bowl Teams Strength

For many, what makes Blood Bowl so fun is that it is possibly the most unfair strategy game ever created. This…

Blood Bowl Odds

All rookies are regularly told to play their turn starting from the safest actions to the riskiest ones. Blood Bowl…

Blood Bowl Fouling Odds

At Blood Bowl, fouling is the only action where a coach will attempt an armor roll for the sole and assumed purpose…

Up and Under - Webseries

A gripping Blood Bowl-inspired webseries (recounted in 44 weekly episodes) from recognized writer of fiction, Ian H. McKinley, and award-winning artist, Meunier, in which elves, orcs, humans, dwarves, rodentiens, and exotherms play football.

Explore Guayamartí, the great city of the Hierarchs and home to the famous Eztadio Sanger, a stadium that has seen the greatest exploits in the history of sport. Follow the fortunes of an owner, a coach, and a player as they navigate the perilous world of “footy”.

Up and Under - First Episode

Latest Episodes

37: No one’s even rioting!

Nykal would have said his cousin Hansi sounded disappointed were it not for the general gloom that hung over the Eztadio de Sanger. Works like a dog on the wharves loading and unloading ships six days a week; he deserves better fun than this. But the crier shouting out the team lists triggered…

Studded Boots

A comic strip written and illustrated by Pablo Galván.