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At Blood Bowl, strategies do not focus on luck. In fact, they make no mention of it because luck management is relegated to the tactical level. Instead, strategy defines the steps leading to victory even before rolling a single die!

A strategy is important because the resources to win a game are limited. Therefore, a good strategy determines the actions needed to effectively mobilize the resources. It is also a guideline on which to align the tactical decisions flow.

Offenses and Manoeuvres

Every Blood Bowl coach can only field a maximum of eleven non-stunty players in order to keep or gain possession of the ball. Obviously, eleven players are insufficient to lock down the pitch and deny opportunities to the opposing coach. This is why defensive efforts are often short-lived,

The Art of Coaching

It is very difficult to write a theory of Blood Bowl. Already, there are very few coaches who have a global and coherent idea of the game. Then, in the heat of the action, even legendary coaches rely more on their flair and creativity than on a logical system. All legendary coaches run their teams

The Grind, or winning 2 -1

This strategy, often named The Grind, aims to win the game by a score of 2 to 1. Yes, you are reading correctly; we are not talking about a shutout. Even more convolutedly, we are not even seeking to score the game's first touchdown! In fact, we do not care if our opponent scores first, as long as