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The Experienced coach does the basics correctly. He orders his turn from the easiest to the riskiest actions and awkwardly tries to slow down the game. On the other hand, he still makes doubtful skill choices, rolls lots of dice, leaves his Big Guy isolated, and plays a little too often in contact with his opponent when the situation would require some delicacy.

Fresh back from his Rookie honeymoon, the Experienced coach often finds the game a little heavy and too influenced by luck. However, he is about to make his exciting debut in the real Blood Bowl world where he will master the rules, the odds and sometimes even his opponent.

Blood Bowl Odds

All rookies are regularly told to play their turn starting from the safest actions to the riskiest ones. Blood Bowl can be approached by playing only the probabilities and an experienced coach can become relatively good by restricting himself to the safest actions. But in reality, there are usually

An Introduction to Sneakiness

Sneaky tactics - PART 1 I am often asked to write about sneakiness. Clearly, there are many coaches who think that it is the ultimate Blood Bowl means to achieve victory. Not that they are wrong, but it is very difficult to sneak drive after drive. Occasionally, the situation on the pitch is not

The Grind, or winning 2 -1

This strategy, often named The Grind, aims to win the game by a score of 2 to 1. Yes, you are reading correctly; we are not talking about a shutout. Even more convolutedly, we are not even seeking to score the game's first touchdown! In fact, we do not care if our opponent scores first, as long as

Blood Bowl Fouling Odds

At Blood Bowl, fouling is the only action where a coach will attempt an armor roll for the sole and assumed purpose of stunning or depitching a player. Rolling an armor after a successful block is certainly fine, but this dice roll results from an action undertaken with another goal in mind and is…

Blood Bowl Armors & Injuries Odds

If there are a lot of game situations where it is worth looking for a fight, very few are really worth it from a Blood Bowl team’s development point of view. As proof, the armor rolls statistics below detail frightening odds for anyone thinking of going to war. At Blood Bowl, it is often understood…

what to do against a strong team

Here is a typical scenario "Help, a gang of lumberjacks trashed my team! They had the Guard skill everywhere and Mighty Blow on almost all their players ... Oh! And they two-dice blocked me throughout the game. I won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball. I scored in three game turns

Engineering your good fortune

Even though mathematics is pretty close to being Nuffle’s language, it is not an absolute truth. Heresy? Not at all! At Blood Bowl, every game turn is different. Sometimes, 1 in 6 odds is what will send you to heaven. Other times, it's 35 in 36 odds that will send you to hell. "Hey Taureau, slow

How to stop an offensive

A well-controlled offensive is very difficult to stop, especially for a rookie coach. Here are some tips that may allow you to stop an offensive ... and even, who knows, maybe steal the ball. Before going on with the tools, let's review the main offensive tactics you can meet and their main…