The Experienced coach does the basics correctly. He orders his turn from the easiest to the riskiest actions and awkwardly tries to slow down the game. On the other hand, he still makes doubtful skill choices, rolls lots of dice, leaves his Big Guy isolated, and plays a little too often in contact with his opponent when the situation would require some delicacy.

Fresh back from his Rookie honeymoon, the Experienced coach often finds the game a little heavy and too influenced by luck. However, he is about to make his exciting debut in the real Blood Bowl world where he will master the rules, the odds and sometimes even his opponent.

Blood Bowl Art - Probabilities

Blood Bowl Odds

All rookies are regularly told to play their turn starting from the safest actions to the riskiest ones. Blood Bowl can be approached by playing only the probabilities and an experienced coach can become relatively good by restricting himself to the safest actions. But in reality, there are usually many more important tactical and strategic

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