Taureau Amiral

Editor and blogger at Blood Bowl Strategies. Educated French-Canadian minotaur. West Point graduate. Former professional blood bowl coach and player. Winner of four Stars and Stripes Cups and three Selfish Bastard Trophies. Don't take him too seriously. He only wants to open a few doors in your mind, using strength if need be. Full biography


All About Blocks

There is something reassuring about rolling block dice to knock players down, break their armors and knock them off the pitch! However, this guilty pleasure can be elusive as sending many players into contact with the aim of rolling countless block dice usually has the opposite effect, i.e., the more blocks you want, the fewer

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Blood Bowl Art - Probabilities

Blood Bowl Odds

All rookies are regularly told to play their turn starting from the safest actions to the riskiest ones. Blood Bowl can be approached by playing only the probabilities and an experienced coach can become relatively good by restricting himself to the safest actions. But in reality, there are usually many more important tactical and strategic

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