Luck does not matter

Is there a deeper question than: “What do you desire? What do you itch for?”. While in-game, I often hear coaches say they do not have the faintest idea what they want. So, I always ask the question “What would you like? What would you enjoy?”. Well, it is so amazing! Crowds of coaches answer: “Well, we’d like to be lucky“. 

Once in a while, a coach says something along the line: “Well, I’d like to roll a ton of block dice and run the ball”. When we finally go down to something a coach really wants, I say: “You do that and forget your luck“. Because, if being lucky is very important to you, you will spend your whole coaching career completely wasting your energy on that elusive goal. You will coach in a way you do not like in order to win games and continue coaching this way. This is stupid.

It is better to have a short coaching career full of what you like than a long one spent in a miserable way. After all, luck does not matter if you really like coaching, and, who knows, you could eventually become a master at it. Being one with what you like is the only way to become a master at something, and it will also win you games. So, do not worry too much about your luck.

You can’t learn from your luck. If you realize you made a mistake (and the outcome happens to be good), you should learn not to. If you realize you made the right call (even though the outcome was bad) you should learn to do it more.

The Sage, top blood bowl coach

What do you REALLY want?

Therefore, it is important to consider what we really want. Well, when we answer that question in a naive way, we figure out that we desire control over our luck. For instance, to score touchdowns or to bring havoc at will. We desire the power to successfully attempt plays and achieve them instantly. In short, we desire Nuffle-like omnipotence.

Now, ask coaches what they would do with hypothetical Nuffle-like omnipotence. Well, they think of all sorts of short-range goals that are largely conflicting and confusing because they are not well thought out. Now, I think that there is a great lesson to learn here. We are so hung up on the idea of controlling our luck, of making everything go our way, that we never fully think our goals through.

Being nuffle s*cks

If you take time to think and really dig into it with your full strength of imagination, you soon realize that being Nuffle is not what you really want.

The reason is that if you only coach games where the outcome is completely predictable, you will get bored. With such perfect control over your luck, you could only get kicks out of failures. Needless to say, this is a very dark place to be. You would soon long for a surprise. You would not know exactly what to ask for because, obviously, it would ruin the surprise. But you would probably ask for hazardous die rolls, knowing they could either succeed or fail. In short, you would ask for some good ol’ Blood Bowl again.


Lets get back to our question: “What do you want?”. After a bit of thought, your answer now probably is: “I don’t know”. And truly, I do not know either.

What I do know is that there is a first stage of not knowing. There is also a last stage of not knowing. In the first stage, you do not know exactly what you want because you have not thought about it or you have only thought superficially. Then, you are forced to think about it and say: “Yeah, I want to be lucky“. In the end, you say: “No! That’s not it. Sure, it’s satisfying and I smile when it happens, but really, I don’t know. I just let go of it and concentrate on the game”.

You need a ton of humility before the grandeur of Nuffle to let go of “your luck” and accept whatever surprises may come. But, the moment you stop worrying about it, that wasted brain power is freed to be spent elsewhere more fruitfully. In other words, the more you let go of your luck, the more it comes back.