An introduction to legendary coaching

One of the difficulties in discussing Blood Bowl game techniques is that things that are easy to visualize are discussed while those that are more vague are often left out.

For example, interesting skill combos and kickoff formations are easy topics because there are a limited number of ways to approach them. However, as soon as a coach has gained a certain level of experience, he realizes that these aspects are far too represented in discussions. It’s normal, we repeat these topics again and again because they are easy to discuss.

Real progression comes from understanding the structure of a drive. When to wait and when to rush. How to use the tempo. When to maximize blocks and when to revert to mobility. When to tempt faith with a sub-optimal play because the situation will soon have deteriorated beyond control. How to sacrifice something yummy to slowly drag out of position a strong defensive formation. And the list of these tactics that are extremely difficult to discuss could grow much longer.

That’s why, in this legendary coaching section, you’ll read very few tips anchored in reality. At this level of a coach’s development, it’s no longer a question of “do this against that”, but it’s more about game philosophies as well as tactical and strategic thoughts. “What is my opponent’s overall strategy for this engagement and how will I answer to it?”, “Why did he deploy himself like that and what tactics will I use to force him to position himself the way I want him to? “Why did he do that right now, what are his intentions and how am I going to counter them while keeping my offensive tempo?” are all relevant questions to ask yourself.

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