Creativity and Blood Bowl

This question comes back regularly among Blood Bowl coaches: “How important is creativity for a good coach? The more games I play, the more the situations feel similar and the more the solutions seem the same to me. Is creativity necessary or does repetition always prevail? “

When a coach reaches a certain level of play, he starts to spend a lot less energy organizing his turn and his positioning. These game aspects become more or less repetitive even if the best coaches will always find ways to improve them. However, he uses more energy to anticipate his opponent’s next move, to fine-tune his pitch control, to plan his remaining game turns, to understand what his opponent expects of him and especially to find a way to influence what his opposite counterpart will play next. That’s the “real” game and once a coach realizes that, a door opens in his mind. This is the level from which a coach develops his own play style. This is where creativity makes a difference.

Solving very complex problems requires, by its very nature, creativity. Of course, any coach who has played enough has necessarily learned all the game’s theories and techniques, but those who really succeed at Blood Bowl do so using these tools creatively. Coaches whose level of play is stagnant usually have difficulty solving game situations creatively. Sometimes, it can take them four whole minutes without being able to solve their problem when they could have used some basic technique that any coach knows well. They had all the tools needed in their hands but without the creativity required to apply them to their problem.

I had a mentor who offered me game puzzles to solve. He usually said something along the lines: “Look for solutions to this problem then come back to me when you think you’ve found them all.” Is there any creativity at Blood Bowl? If you think there are none, do this exercise with a better coach than you. Chances are you’ll be amazed at all the different ways he can solve problems using exactly the same tools as you!

To be honest, I do not play this game to win without stories. I play it for those games when nothing works and everything goes straight to hell. At these moments, I must creatively fix a broken game situation just as MacGyver would, in order to salvage a hard-won victory.

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