Ian H. McKinley

Ian H. McKinley is a retired Canadian diplomat and writer of “fantastic realism,” fantasy that escapes the tropes of pure good versus ultimate evil. Rather, Ian’s narratives are driven by alignments and/or collisions of human interests and values. He is also an avid Blood Bowl player having won the prestigious 2021 Border Princes tournament as well as the Championship of the Longueuil Conference of the mighty Kasse Gueule. He is currently notorious for his offensive contributions to the Ottawa-Gatineau Blood Bowl League Facebook page. WHERE TO FIND IAN’S BOOKS Harbinger: Book One of Northern Fire (Amazon.ca) The Broken Dream: Book Two of Northern Fire (Amazon.ca) The Gallows Gem of Prallyn (Amazon.com) Hard copies (ask Ian directly) (Full biography)


Episode 11

“You’s gettin’ ex-ploy-ted!” Grimmy Grimejacket had turned up for the game against the Skitteringi to speak to the Xonyxas, now some of the agent’s key clients. True to form, he had donned his usual assortment of finery, though he’d made an effort to get decked out in the Militantes’ colours of blue and yellow. He wore a canary jacket trimmed with azure brocade in military style.

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Episode 8

“This is the signing that carries us over the finish line.” In her notebook, Thalia Espinas jotted down the words spoken by the owner of the Mytilan Militantes, Cassandra Thordwall, who stood on the bar of the Luffing Lateen speaking to a packed house. She could only guess because Thalia didn’t come down to this part of Guayamartí often, but she had the distinct impression the owner of the Lateen, Samuel Gosling, was unused to hosting such formal events.

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Episode 4

The ball was big and round. It was thick polished leather stitched around an interior cavity stuffed with wool. And it was heavy! With a cry, Jacyntha twisted, torquing momentum into the damned thing, and she hefted it with all her wilting strength, her throwing arm pitching it all of ten paces through the air to Anahuark. The Militantes’ trouble-making catcher caught it with both arms, spinning as she did so, a grunt exploding from her lungs.

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Episode 3

Cassandra Thordwall pointed a finger at all but one of her counterparts, a dozen team owners gathered around the massive oak table in the Cámara de Comercio de Guayamartí. The encounter, a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Sommer Sea Football League, might have been better held in the league offices, but last autumn Thordwall herself had ransacked them. So the chamber of commerce had rented the league the space … after the team owners had fronted a significant damage deposit.

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