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Pulling Off a Long Feint

DECEPTIVE TACTICS - PART 2 A long feint aims to goad your opponent's screening players and mobile resources into contesting or stopping (dead) your ball carrier on a flank. As soon as your opponent compromises enough players and player skills on your feint, you then swiftly change the ball of

An Introduction to Deceptions

DECEPTIVE TACTICS - PART 1 I am often asked to write about deceptive tactics. Clearly, there are many coaches who think that they are the ultimate Blood Bowl means to achieve victory. Not that they are wrong, but it is very difficult to pull off a string of deceptions drive after drive.

What to do Against a Team of Lumberjacks

Here is a typical scenario "Help, I got trashed against a stronger team than mine! He had the Guard skill everywhere and Mighty Blow on almost all his players ... Oh! And he two dices blocked me throughout the game. I won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball. I scored in three game turns…

Granting a Touchdown to Win

If you ever wondered, yes, it is better not to grant a touchdown than to grant one. But in the end, it is not that easy because to win a game, you need to score more touchdowns than your opponent ... by all means possible. Unfortunately for your pride, granting a touchdown is sometimes a tactic that…

How to stop an offensive

A well-controlled offensive is very difficult to stop, especially for a rookie coach. Here are some tips that may allow you to stop an offensive ... and even, who knows, maybe steal the ball. Before going on with the tools, let's review the main offensive tactics you can meet and their main…