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You can play the game in a way that makes stupidity impossible, however, it will make genius impossible. Upgrading to the legendary level is having understood how to break the inviolable coaching rules. It is also finding opportunities where other coaches would not even poke their noses. Is it abstract? Well, it is what it is! Welcome amongst Legends!

But that is not all there is. On a more concrete level, the legendary coach has a perfect now or never instinct. For example, when to push for the win instead of protecting the draw, when and how to abandon security to provoke errors, when and how to fully leverage a game situation, and the list could grow on and on.

Legendary coaches usually have the reputation of being lucky, but in reality, they have a stellar risk-taking synchronism, the instinct to spot the pivotal play of the game, the flexibility to immediately change tactics to avoid losing control, and the gift of reading the mind of their opponent.

Offenses and Manoeuvres

Every Blood Bowl coach can only field a maximum of eleven non-stunty players in order to keep or gain possession of the ball. Obviously, eleven players are insufficient to lock down the pitch and deny opportunities to the opposing coach. This is why defensive efforts are often short-lived,

Goal and Simplicity

For most Blood Bowl legendary coaches, games are made of sequences, repetitions, similarities, and probabilities. They allow us to roughly predict whether achieving our goal is likely even before activating a single player. However, when probabilities and humans insert glitches in these constants,…

Security and Surprise

At Blood Bowl, a coach must always combine security and surprise. Security is imperviousness to surprises, but if a coach only plays securely, he will have difficulties achieving a surprise to unbalance his opponent. Blood Bowl can only be played securely and a coach can become very good this way.…

An introduction to legendary coaching

One of the difficulties in discussing Blood Bowl is that what is easy to visualize is often discussed while what is vaguer is mostly left out. For example, interesting skill combos and kickoff formations are easy topics because there are a limited number of ways to approach them. However, as soon…