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Season 2 (webseries)

“I’m bringing in talent, Umberto. Runners-up isn’t the extent of my ambition. I’m going to take this team to the next level and I’ll be damned if the Havoc god of death, himself, gets in my way.”

Jacyntha survived the Mytilan Militantes inaugural season. Now she faces tougher challenges: a team divided, a cheating rival, and an arrogant star who’s supposed to be her teammate! And all that’s before the Royal Navy seizes their ship en route to a match. No wonder her boss, Cassandra Thordwall, is seeking help from someone with a gunne …

New episodes are released periodically

14. Agony is underrated
A matteo seen from above13. Dred won’t kill me
12 – Crack the whip
11 – You’s gettin’ ex-ploy-ted!
10 – Diandro Paredes is a bastard
09 – Two to one we win!
08 – This is the signing that carries us over the finish line
The Menace07 – You can’t keep running
06 – It is from a BOY friend?
05 – A club thumping into an Exotherm’s skull
04 – This is Agony doubled!
03 – You’re a cabal of killers
02 – By the tingling in my ears
Episode 1 - Umberto and his tricorn01 – This assassin’s an idiot
Up and Under Season 1 TeaserTeaser – Season 1
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