Mildly Shocking Legendary Secrets… or Not

We all know the drill. I will not mention the game’s probabilities, skill choices, positioning, common sense and all these run-of-the-mill but very important Blood Bowl aspects. Here are some theoretical and philosophical leads to explore in your quest to legendary coaching.

1. The « Rotten to Best » chart

You have to take decisions every game. Each possible decision can fit somewhere in the following chart: Rotten, Bad, Not Too Bad, Correct, Better and Best. If you can spot and avoid the Not Too Bad, Bad and Rotten, you will do well. If you want to succeed at Blood Bowl, you need to find and constantly play the Best.

Many coaches fail because their decisions are too often Correct. Sometimes you have to say “no” to a Correct play because it will eat too many resources to materialize. Legendary coaches use their resources to only play the Best.

Never be satisfied with a Correct decision. Always seek out the Better and the Best decisions until you get to recognize them most of the time.

2. Invest in yourself

There is no shortage of wasteful pieces of advice. Do this, position yourself like this, avoid doing that, etc. Sometimes attempting a 2 dice block will require half your resources … It is a very poor return on investment. A dodge can succeed. A pass can save your buttocks. A tactical retreat can let you breathe a bit … there are many ways to invest your resources. But none, I repeat, NONE are better than investing in yourself.

The most profitable investment you can make in yourself is to learn with the best … just as you become a better painter by observing a competent master and not the opposite. You may not catch it all in a single exposure, but this friendly session will help open a few doors in your mind.

You will notice that legendary coaches play a lot together. Playing against less experienced coaches is good and everything, especially if you teach them what you know. But, a coach usually progresses by watching and experiencing the game of higher caliber opponents.

3. Practice the law of reciprocity

A legendary coach understands that he can influence his opponent’s perception of the game. The law of reciprocity is perfectly applicable to Blood Bow and legendary coaches recognize that it is often necessary to give an opening to receive one in return. They excel in directing their opponent’s moves using their own positioning as a very subtle sales exercise. Legendary coaches often try to unnoticeably influence their opponent’s game.

4. Never be satisfied

A coach who does not assign a useful task to all his players usually does something wrong. Legendary coaches are never fully satisfied with their game and always try to get the most out of their positioning and players. Each legendary coach is a professional hair-splitter.

Always split hairs. Never allow a moment to pass without splitting a hair. Take advantage of every opportunity to split hairs to get the most out of your game.

5. Persevere. Always.

A legendary coach splits hairs. Often. That is what brings him success. The best coaches recognize that what has allowed them to succeed is what keeps them going. Stories abound of formerly legendary coaches relegated by the game. After working hard, they stopped doing it and their success dried up.

The secret to staying a legendary coach is exactly the same as to become one.

6. Be fun and approachable

This is not really a well-kept secret. It is a fact that a legendary coach must often play to keep improving and to do so, he must not be his league’s only “survivor”. Therefore, to be enjoyable, he is aware that he must adapt his game, team selection, and team composition to his league’s ecosystem.

The legendary coach is also aware of his ability to outrageously outplay a rookie or experienced opponent. Consequently, he has to balance the play style that he finds enjoyable with his opponent’s pleasure. Facing him must always be an accessible challenge and an opportunity to learn. No casual coach likes to witness his team being violently ejected from the pitch or to become radically out of tactical possibilities against a masterfully airtight opponent.

A legendary coach cares about his peers.

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