I’m Losing 2-0. What Should I Do?

It is typical. Either you have played too sketchy, or your opponent is particularly on fire, or luck has blown far too heavily towards the pitch’s other side (yes, let’s admit that it sometimes happens) … Or maybe it’s all these things combined. Anyway, you are now losing 2-0. Yes, that is some serious trouble!

” Help! What do I do now? “

Blood Bowl is a game of small scores (1-0, 1-1, 2-1, etc.). The reality is that when your team is two points behind, unless you seriously outcoach your opponent while being armed with a fast and / or agile team … You can only continue to do your best and wish your opponent lots of skulls and snakes. There is no magic formula here; filling up a gap this big sometimes happens, but do not count on it.

“Yes, but what do I do? “

You will have difficulties swallowing the pill … But it is now too late. You should rather have played so as not to be in a two points deficit.

“But he intercepted my pass! “

Also, it is a bit trivial as a solution, but to avoid interceptions, you must pass in corridors where there is no one to intercept. Ha, ha! I see the argument coming: “Yes, but I had no other options”. And again, the answer is very ugly to hear: you must play in a way that leaves you with options.

Stacking Minor Mistakes

Let’s be honest. Minor mistakes stacked over many game turns is almost always why you find yourself playing a catching up game. If you fail (by inexperience or lack of rigor) to get the most from your players (skills and positioning), your opponent’s best ball carrier, for example, will be out of your best sweeper’s reach at a critical game turn. To catch up against a coach who plays optimal, you only have one possible solution: increase your risk taking thus exposing yourself to Nuffle’s moods.

Ditto to counter an opponent particularly in luck. The only possible solution is to play better than him (that’s why a dominant coach will easily master a lucky but also very wasteful rookie) and / or increase your risk taking to push your luck to his level.

If your opponent is the best and the luckiest coach … And that leads to a 2-0 deficit … Unfortunately, there is only a nasty wind gust blowing in your back that will allow you to catch him up! The kind of wind gust that will scythe your opponent’s legs. Something like a succession of favorable kickoff events multiplied by a deceived husband’s luck. In short, do not count on it.

When two points behind, the ideal is to continue to do your best and to carefully analyse how your counterpart smokes you while vowing to serve him the same medicine … In a future rematch.

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