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The experienced coach does the basics correctly. He orders his turn from the least to the most risky actions. He sometimes awkwardly tries to slow down the game. He still makes doubtful skill choices and plays a little too often in contact with his opponent when the situation would require a more delicate positioning. His Big Guys are still easily isolated and he regularly leaves an elf in contact with a player sporting the skill combo “Tacle + Mighty Blow” without a good reason.

After the honeymoon associated with Blood Bowl’s discovery, the experienced coach tends to find the game a little heavy and influenced by luck. However, he is about to make his exciting debut in the real Blood Bowl world where he will master the rules, the probabilities and sometimes even his opponent.

Fouling Odds

At Blood Bowl, fouling is the only action where a coach will attempt an armor roll for the sole and assumed purpose of stunning or depitching a player. Throwing an armor roll after a successful block is certainly fine, but this dice roll…