The Rookie coach is a gold mine to exploit for a skilled opponent since he does not control his risk-taking. For example, he starts his turn with a ball pickup or with a blocking Loner Big Guy without first covering a possible failure. He aims for a two-turn touchdown without realizing that he is nailing himself into his own coffin. He keeps his players outrageously in contact, piling up injuries to the point where his team cannot develop correctly.

At the same time, the Rookie coach often curses his misfortunes while quickly forgetting (or not noticing) that he has been previously blessed by succeeding some risky dice rolling sequences. If you are a Rookie coach, stop cursing your bad luck and fill your heart with the words of wisdom below.

An Introduction To Tournament Blood Bowl

With the new edition just about to hit the shelves it is a really exciting time for Blood Bowl! After years seemingly lost in the wilderness, Games Workshop have blessed us with two new editions in the last three years, each more bounteous than the last. The new box set is overflowing with new toys – full teams, star players, big guys and even referee models. It is a great time to be a Blood Bowl coach, and a great time for casual and league players to dip their toe into the waters of the tournament scene.

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