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The Gorn N’hleg Chronicle

Gorn N’hleg is a renowned and titled Orc coach. Having grown tired of coaching his usual teams, full of show-off Blitzers and prima-donna Throwers, he embarks on a new journey of professional and personal growth: coaching Black Orcs. How could such a journey go unchronicled? So here is The Gorn N’hleg Chronicle to be released on a regular basis over the coming year, humorously documenting his highs and lows.

I’m Cursed With Success

It’s a heavy burden but I bear it. It’s a weight on my shoulders but also a beast that pursues me. It’s an elixir that gives me energy and a codpiece that restrains me. Thus it is to be Gorn N’hleg. You see, I’m no ordinary Orc. I’m literate, for one thing. I mean, I can’t actually scratch parchment…