I threw the ball from the East and it was caught in the West.

You all know me as an educated minotaur, equally eager to expound on philosophy as to break down in-game tactics. Indeed, my history is full of moments when the philosophical has fed the practical and vice-versa. And yet, I do not always speak because when we remain silent other voices may arise, which I derive enormous pleasure from listening to.

Here, you will hear one of these voices for the first time, and you will hear it more or less every week for a total of 44 episodes. This voice will not tell you to open your eyes to new strategies or counsel you to build a team a certain way. No, it will reach deeper into you and stimulate your imagination, the fountain from which you devise your own insights.

I am proud to introduce to you a storyteller of rare talent as well as an illustrator of keen vision. Together they will unveil for you a story that will ensnare you with its intrigue and ingenuity.

Today, I present you the beginning of:

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