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Part 3

12: You’re late!

Karsgaard Neuvil slumped down onto the stool in front of Cassandra Thordwall’s desk. “Am I? Pardon me, I did not know your time was so precious as to preclude a mateo getting stuck in the throngs of people crossing the Bridge of a Hundred Arches. Next time I shall cancel the city’s Festival of Night…

11: You Viper-bitten double-crossing weasel!

Anahuark leapt at Karolyse, who ducked but didn’t succeed in stopping Anahuark from driving a knee into the face. Karolyse flew backwards and slammed into the groundkeeper’s stone veranda. Karsgaard Neuvil’s old footy reflexes kicked-in and he pounced onto Anahuark, grabbing her in a bear hug.…

10: They’re only friggin’ jesters

Cassandra Thordwall couldn’t imagine what Karsgaard Neuvil was fussing about. “How hard can it be to beat a few clowns?” Neuvil’s jaw dropped open so far it almost slammed onto the floor of the groundskeeper’s cottage they were using as their team headquarters. “I thought you were a footy fan.” “I…

09: You’ve Got A Friend On The Pitch

"The hat's the signal." Neuvil nodded, took the scrap of paper back from Jacyntha, and crumpled it up. “Thanks.” She smiled. “I could teach you how to read.” “I could teach you how to hold your ale. Don’t think I didn’t notice how awful you were in training yesterday.”